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Date: 27th November, 2016

Dear Loyal Friend,

Our annual Modasckky Fundraising event took place at Mayflower House,  on the 23rd of October, 2016.

This year’s theme was: “HELPING 100 FEMALE TEENAGERS OFF THE STREETS – 2016/2017”

Our goal is to raise £22,000.00 for our 2017/2018 fundraising, which will be used for training and ushering the female youth into the garment manufacturing industry, as well as starting our 5-year project.

This project will have a breakdown of 14 sections we have in the fashion industry:

Designer | Pattern Cutter | Sample Machinist | Production Manager | Garment Technologist / Quality Control | Grader | Retail / Sales | Buyer | Merchandiser | PR/ Marketing | Fashion Stylist and Fashion Journalist |

We have specifically chosen Fashion industry because it’s a fast-growing market in the world, China and India are doing so well in this sector, and recently Bangladesh and Mauritius are also fully involving themselves as well.

 Now, the strong holds for every nation is their manufacturing industries, and until we create the environments for this well-known fashion cooperation to come and establish themselves in Ghana, we will miss a huge chunk of a growing opportunity.

 Therefore, I Modasckky has set up these plans for training these youths, ready for the opportunities already in the country but on a very small scale.

As a fashion designer who has being in this industry for over a decade, I want you to know that this venture will work because of how Ghanaians are so creative in the sewing industry.  This garment manufacturing industry will create jobs for these innocent young ladies and others who have also finish apprenticeships or vocational schools.

To meet this goal, we are asking for sponsorships from local businesses and individuals such as you; by giving to this annual fundraising event you will be supporting the Modasckky Haute Couture group to help aid those in our local communities.  

Research has indicated that about 67% of those roaming about and doing menial jobs are young teenage girls who have migrated from the rural areas to make ends meet in the big cities.

However, they find themselves being abused or surviving on ill-ventures such as prostitution, selling by the highways and road sides. We are aware of your wish to help them come out of such situations, and that is why we humbly ask you to join us train these young ones to become bespoke designers, stylist, and any other of such sections above.

We will ask that you will consider a sponsorship donation of any kind be it cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Your donation will be recognized at our event in several ways. As a sponsor, your name will be placed on all materials and banners that publicize our next events as well us mentions during public interviews such as radio and TV interviews.

We hope we can count on you to help support our cause. Thanks, in advance for your consideration.

Yours faithfully

Modasckky Haute Couture

Sylvia Adom

CEO / Founder